Sands, Hourglass, Etc. {The Week in Me: Weeks 18-28}

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Again, where are we now? Some of these pictures feel like they were taken yesterday, but the past few weeks have flown by, as is normal. It’s July, and not only that, we have so much going on in July that it feels like the cusp of August. The other night we went to San Francisco for an event at the Maker Media Lab at the old Exploratorium location, and the event was perfect – hands-on activities, fun things to look at, a dog wearing light up pants, Amici’s pizza and beer – yet our kids were glued to the pinball machine. The machine made their night. When we left, it was still light, and we decided to go across the street to Crissy Field, where we had the beach to ourselves, if you didn’t count the few photographers down beach with cameras on tripods pointed at the Golden Gate Bridge, hoping that the fog would back off for the sunset. That may have been the best hour of the summer.

The summer has been work, camp for the kids, camp for my work, lunch at Sunset Magazine, the above mentioned Maker Camp kick off event, Trixie’s first Fourth of July (not bothered by fireworks, but very bothered by not getting any s’mores), planning upcoming vacations, and a general freak out about how fast time is slipping away. Our school summers are long; this year the kids don’t go back until Sept. 14 and 15. This gives us plenty of time for summer and a late vacation after everyone else is back in school. However, it’s a little sad knowing that this is our last year and that next year, with high school in our future, summer will abruptly end in mid-August.

The turtle picture seems to symbolize something, but I haven’t yet figured out what. While working at the start of the summer. I saw a turtle a few feet away from a pond. I slowly approached, trying my best not to startle the turtle with a fast movement, and as I edged forward, I zoomed in with my camera and took the photo. This was the happiest turtle I’d ever met! As I backed away, I noticed the turtle had never moved at all, so I moved back closer and closer until I could finally see it was made of stone. I spent 10 minutes stalking a stone turtle. All I could do was laugh.


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    Sands, Hourglass, Etc. The Week in Me: Weeks 18-28 – Tippy Toes and Tantrums

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    Sands, Hourglass, Etc. The Week in Me: Weeks 18-28 – Tippy Toes and Tantrums

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    Sands, Hourglass, Etc. The Week in Me: Weeks 18-28 – Tippy Toes and Tantrums

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