Diet Coke and Hot Chocolate {The Week in Me: Week 2}

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This week wasn’t the first step forward on the year that I’d wanted. Everything seemed a little rushed, a little reactive instead of proactive. We looked at schools (does this aspect of modern parenthood ever end?), went to work, went to meetings, ate crappy pizza, and read some books, which is good because work is about to amp up for about seven weeks, leaving little time for nothing else.

I made a list of goals for 2015 and I’ve already failed on some. I drank Diet Coke today, I didn’t wear my Fitbit at all and while that means it can’t be verified, I know I walked nowhere. I took zero photos with my real camera. The subject line of an email on our neighborhood list asked for recommendations on “a helper to deal with stuff.” We all can use one of those, too. (My favorite local email subject line of all time was mom looking for an air conditioned stroller for walks on warm days. #firstworldproblem for sure.)

The good news is that I had a dinner out with friends that we’d been trying to get scheduled for weeks, I spent a fun day with my niece, and I drove some of the school cross country team to get bibs for their first race. Baby steps or something like that.

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