Use Hot Glue to Hold Together a Gingerbread House


It’s hard to get a gingerbread house to stay together and not topple over like it’s made of cards. Or worse is when it looks great until a day or two later when the structure starts to crumble. These would be condemned, if real houses.

My mom Alice, of the Thanksgiving turkey pop fame, has the key to making the house hold up to both kid decorating and the elements by using hot glue. It goes without saying that we don’t eat our houses. Sure, the kids may pick off the candies, but no one eats the actual house. Instead of fiddling with frosting, pressure, and a prayer to get the house built, Alice pulled out her glue gun and built some homes.


Carefully glue one joint end and press it into another. Visible glue can be covered with frosting, which means the glue lines don’t need to be hidden or precise. Once cool and set, get decorating. It’s fast and pretty flawless.


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