Two Reasons to Take Santa Photos Early


Yes, Santa is probably at your local mall already. Definitely yes if your local mall is the Stanford Shopping Center. We go early – really early – each year to see Santa for two reasons. The same two reasons that you should do so, too.

1. No lines! We walked right up and they sat down. No waiting for screaming toddlers to stop crying, no families asking for multiple poses, no kids with endless wish lists to discuss with the big man. In fact, with no one in line, Santa has nothing but time to spend with your kids. They talked lists, told jokes, administered tests to see if they were as smart as the elves (one test pictured above), then took pictures. Many pictures. Nothing was rushed.

2. Get a head start on Christmas cards and scrapbooks. I make photo books as Christmas gifts for the grandparents, and while I need to give them at Christmas, I want a Christmas-themed photo to end the year. The early Santa photo does that for me. Now I have no excuse not to get bookmaking (but don’t worry, I’ll find one).

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