Tiny Prints Amazing Holiday Cards + Giveaway!


Is it narcissistic of me to want to frame my holiday card? What if I send them out pre-framed for recipients to hang on the wall? Because that's what I want to do, I love them so much.

This year I wanted Tiny Prints to do my cards because I've had tremendous success with them in the past with other cards, birth announcements, and business cards. My business cards are heavy thanks to quality card stock, which I think and hope adds professionalism to the cards. When I made my business cards, I had trouble fitting a logo into the right box. It was too big, but I was unable to shrink it without reducing the resolution too much. I placed the order with the logo cut off a little, which looked okay, but not great, then a few hours later a proof appeared for my approval with the logo perfectly sized into the space. It was as if I had a graphic design specialist on call. It turns out I did, as does any Tiny Prints customer, even though I like to believe I'm special and they only offer this service for me.

Salad served in Chinese food containers. I'm stealing this idea.

Recently Tiny Prints opened up their main office to a group of us for a tour, lunch, and preview of their holiday line. (I couldn't work at Tiny Prints because they have an open floor plan to encourage collaboration, but I'm a loud talker and my co-workers would quickly unite to have my desk moved into the room with the giant printer.) It was during this time that I fell in love with a tri-fold card. Happy Everything is a great card. I love the multiple picture options, that the card wasn't Christmas-specific, and that the backside has space to write something more than "Happy Holidays." Generally, I've always picked flat cards that can be easily displayed in a card holder or…(don't judge me)…taped to a wall, but the Tiny Prints tri-folds were so creative that I was quickly won over.

Happy Everything was my choice for our Christmas card this year, but as I started selecting photos, I began looking at other cards. I take a lot of photos throughout the year, making it impossible to select only a few photos for the card that were nice, but also reflective of our year. Quickly, Checkerboard Chic became the card I had to have. It has a ton of photo spots (12!), room for writing more than a simple holiday greeting, it is downright gorgeous, and totally reflective of us. It has professional portraits of the kids and pictures from Disneyland, Muir Woods, the beach, Times Square, Dylan's Candy Bar, the Maker Faire, my sister's wedding, and the pumpkin patch – all at sizes large enough to see without squinting. I love this card.

There were spots to write something about each of the kids, plus two places for a holiday message. (Spoiler alert for those receiving my card!) In the first spot, I wrote: Merry Everything and Happy Always, Love Kevin, Kimberly, Clover and Rocket. Personally, I like a general greeting, so I can send it to all of our friends without being offensive to anyone not celebrating Christmas. This left me unsure what to write in the second spot, which is smaller and holds less text. Kevin suggested using the exact message in the example on the Tiny Prints website, "The Foxmeyers send their love and wishes for a great 2011!" but I knew my personal designer at Tiny Prints would catch it as a possible error and then I'd have to explain it was intentional and that my husband has a warped sense of humor. Because the card was so personal, I wanted to write something that would reflect that. I ended up with "May 2011 be full of sunshine, cupcakes, and The Daily Show. Go Giants!" It's not Shakespeare, but it's us. I LOVE this card.

(P.S. I don't care if Dodger fans are offended. Maybe their team should try harder next season. Oh yeah, I just wrote that. Go Giants!)

Giveaway: Tiny Prints is generously offering 50 free holiday cards to one lucky reader, regardless of baseball team affiliation. The contest is open to non-baseball fans, as well (confused face emoticon). Leave a comment by midnight Dec. 7 and I'll pick a winner the next morning using random.org. I know we're getting close to the holidays, but Tiny Prints has lightning fast service. If really pressed for time, Tiny Prints can even send the cards out directly for you. Selecting your holiday card from Tiny Prints' vast collection will be the hardest part. Trust me.

Disclosure: My holiday cards, lunch, and a set of personalized thank you cards, were all free from Tiny Prints.

Update: We have a winner! Lucky Lisa is taking home the 50 cards! Enjoy them, Lisa! I'm sure the recipients of your cards will.


  1. If I win, I promise not to copy you. Also, you will be responsible for much gratitude among my extended family, as I am very, very bad about sending holiday cards. We’re still in trouble w/the in-laws for not finishing the 2009 photo album. But, you’re right, these are *really* cute.

  2. Disclaimer: I am not a baseball fan but I really love the cards and hope to win (and you said that was ok, right?). But regardless of whether I win or not this may prompt me to get my holiday cards out before 2011, which would make my husband very, very happy. And he really tried to cheer on the Giants despite being from Texas. Really.

  3. I’m not a baseball fan, but Bugs has decided he is a Yankee fan. I haven’t even gotten around to taken our picture, so the late date is fine by me. Plus, I love Tiny Prints.

  4. So I won’t have my act together before December 7th anyways. I’d love to get some free cards. And I’m glas you switched card designs… I’m all over the Happy Everything card too (and I plan on the whole two birds/one stone thingy to announce Cooper’s birth too).

  5. I still need holiday cards! I’ve gone as far as taking the holiday picture, but have yet to create the cards. Just getting the pictures was traumatic.

  6. I definitely need to win this since we didn’t send out cards last year and I need to redeem myself this season. Thanks!

  7. We are about to order cards – would love to order through Tiny Prints! Please enter me!

  8. Eugene Choi says:

    Would love to have Tiny Prints cards this year and would like to enter. Thanks!

  9. Totally agree about framing holiday cards. I’ve started scrapbooking my faves each year – as if I have the time for such tedium. :) Would love the card/ornaments for our favorite peeps.

  10. tina reynolds says:

    Would love to send out some cute holiday cards, they are super cute defiantly frame worthy : ) eaglesforjack@gmail.com