Here, There, Everywhere {The Week in Me: Weeks 4-17}


Somehow this year, I have resisted the urge to type, but put that sign up on a typewriter and I just want to touch all of the keys at once, creating a horrific jam that always happened when typing too fast on my mom’s old typewriter. It would require untangling the keys, one by one, leaving my hands coated in black ink.

The craziness started when I last left off, which was right before Trixie ingested marijuana while at Dolores Park in San Francisco. We don’t know what she ate or how much, but by the time we took the picture of her in front of the mural, she was not able to focus at all. Tired puppy, we thought. High as a kite puppy, it turns out. After a few scary hours and time spent at the vet with fluid and charcoal tablets, she was fine. She’s still high maintenance, with skin allergies requiring a specialist and a special diet, but that has nothing to do with the marijuana. Oh, Frenchies, you aren’t cheap.

The year has plowed on, full of activity and lots of work. The fortunes came true with a big trip to five states, and an invitation to the Disney Social Media Moms conference next month (another state!). Everything is good, even with the hiccups of life. The hard part is not letting the moments rush by without pause.

We haven’t done any gardening yet this year, but this little tomato plant is determined to live. Some of the tomatoes went to seed at the end of last summer, and this guy burst forth in February. That’s what one needs to do to get attention around here.

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