Stonyfield Greek Yogurt is Dessert for Breakfast


I’m trying to become a breakfast person, but it’s difficult. I get up and get going on my normal routine, and because breakfast isn’t in the routine, it gets forgotten. To help me change, breakfast has to be easy. I save the big breakfasts with actual cooking for the weekend, but I found even trying to scramble egg whites from a carton, was more work than I wanted and got boring fast. I work in green smoothies some days, but we run out and the smoothie doesn’t always hold me over until lunch.


Enter Stonyfield Greek Yogurt as a good solution. Stonyfield sent a box for us to try with Blueberry, Strawberry and Superfruits, and new flavors Black Cherry and Cafe Latte. Cafe Latte grabbed the attention of my kids, who always beg for anything with a forbidden (for them) coffee flavor. I tried Cafe Latte first, too, and if frozen, I’d thought we were at a frozen yogurt shop. My kids gobbled the Stonyfield Greek yogurt down, leaving me only with Strawberry (my favorite!) and Superfruits. Both made a great breakfast. They tasted good, and were filling, but not heavy. We’ve found a breakfast and afternoon snack winner. Maybe even a dessert option in Cafe Latte. Or Caramel, which I haven’t tried, but it exists. It may be our new ice cream alternative.

I’ve found both our local Target and Whole Foods carry Stonyfield Greek, and other Stonyfield products. We’re very picky about which dairy brands we buy and we like Stonyfield’s commitment to being organic and staying free of pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. While the samples were sent free to me as part of the You gotta try this #StonyfieldGreek! campaign, we are regular Stonyfield customers.

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