Stitch and Bitch

The good news is that my stitches are out, beginning my return to
normalcy. Or so I assumed. I still can't fully bend my index finger and
the tip of my finger is numb, which makes simple things like typing
more difficult than I expected still at this point. But at least it is getting better.

I was more scared than I'd like to admit about getting the stitches
out, mostly because I remember a time when I was naive, back when
Clover was born. A resident came into my hospital room four days after
Clover's birth to remove my c-section stitches, an action I welcomed as
the last step before signing out and returning home. I didn't think
about how removing thread sewn into a very bruised and sensitive area
would feel. It hurt. To put it mildly. Stitch removal was on my list of
worries when I prepared for my c-section with Rocket and sure enough,
again it hurt.

Index fingers are tougher than a cut up abdomen and luckily that means
I worried about the stitches in my finger for nothing. It felt weird
and slightly painful, but it wasn't too bad and it was over in a few

Stitches have a Frankenstein feel for me. The reminder of being sewn
together like a rag doll is disturbing. I'm so happy to have them out.

Today Clover's friend helped flip her over on a trampoline and she
landed awkwardly, hurting her back a little. She cried and carried on
for a few minutes – although she stopped complaining long enough to run
across the backyard to look at a dead bird's grave, then she wondered
why my concern for her back had vanished. Later she told Rocket that
she hurt her back, then lowered her voice to add, "It hurts as bad as
getting stitches." "Um, what?" I asked from the other room.
"Oooookkaaay, it hurts almost as bad as stitches…but it's worse than
a bee sting." Her argument was undercut by the fact that she's
experienced neither stitches nor a bee sting, but lucky for her, her
brother doesn't know that. "Oh, sorry Clo," he said while he patted her
back, finally giving her the unquestioning sympathy she sought. Now we are all on the road to recovery.


  1. glad these stitches weren’t as rough.

    I *think* I had staples after my c-section and I was terrified to the point of tears to have them taken out. I had a LOT of internal pain, but fortunately my skin was so numb from the nerve damage that I didn’t even feel it. But ugh. Just the thought. ::shudder::

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