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Spotivate-homepageThis year, I'm optimistic our remodel will eventually finish. Not as optimistic as I was in November when I wrote on our Christmas cards that it would be complete in early January. I was so naive that I shocked myself when I reread our finished holiday card last week. So naive! But it will end, someday. I think. With a brand new house that sucked up all of our money, we're not going far this coming year, which puts more emphasis on local activities to add fun and excitement to our schedule. My goal is to create memorable experiences with my family that are memorable in a good way. Not memorable because we are all sharing one bathroom without a sink or because we sleep among dry wall dust. Those memories can be forgotten, I hope, without tons of therapy for post traumatic stress disorder. 

Enter Spotivate. This is good stuff that is happening now nearby. No hearing about what we missed over the weekend at school on Monday morning. I remember the depressed embarrassment I felt when I first learned about the May Fete parade in Palo Alto a few years ago. I was surprised I hadn't known about it when everyone else did. Spotivate's like an assistant who scouts out activities based on my interests that would have let me in on the May Fete secret. 

Spotivate comes to me, which is perfect for my new scatterbrained status (I blame the remodel). I follow Spotivate on Twitter and Facebook, which means that even when I am not at their site wondering what to do this weekend, tips come to me. Last night it was a tweet about how kids eat free at a local restaurant, which couldn't have been targeted better. Being kitchen-less, we eat out all the time and are thrilled anytime we stumble across family deals. 

I know what my friends are up to, not when it's too late after they check in on Facebook, but before, when plans are being made. The activity recommendations can be highly personalized. Spotivate knows which areas I like exploring best, and what we like to do, and highlights appropriate recommendations. It's not scrolling through a general calendar, looking for a golden nugget hidden among toddler activities. There's nothing wrong with toddler activities if you have a toddler. I don't. 

Find me on Spotivate as Silicon Valley Mamas to see what we've up to. I'd love to find out what you're got planned, too. Even if your friends haven't tried Spotivate yet, you can highlight great ideas on Facebook with the click of a button, rallying friends for an activity you discovered on the site. Maybe we'll run into each other at a place that isn't the zoo.

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