Setting All Movements Back in a Single Morning

Feeling fired up about being a liberated woman, I headed to Ikea alone this morning. This is what the Lean In book is all about, no? I haven’t read it. I’m hold number 44 at the library and I should expect to receive the book in a little over 200 days. That is the library’s real estimate. Maybe I should reserve the large print version because those are always less popular?

Anyway, the feeling that I was unconquerable carried me into the self-serve section. I smirked at Ikea’s illustration of two people lifting the box, as I reached over and tried to shift the box containing my small bookcase to one side to get a better grip. Then I knew: there was no way it was going to happen. Sure, the nice Ikea guy who asked if I needed help may have been able to get it on my cart, but was he going to help me get it in the car, then follow me home to take it out? It felt rude to ask. Now I’m left wondering if I can convince Kevin to take a half day off work tomorrow to pick up all of the heavy things I need.IkealiftingillustrationI’ve let down Sheryl Sandberg. And I forgot to marinate the chicken for dinner, so I’ve also let down whomever spearheads the roll back movement.


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