September May Have Gotten Off Track

It’s not October, but I’m going to pretend that it is. October is lookin’ good and I can’t wait for it to start. September wasn’t bad, but it was busy. Each week since my kids have started school, I’ve thought that this is the week that my schedule normalizes, when really, this is normal and sometimes it’s productive and good, and other times it’s all bletch.

This was the good: the sweet new niece, one kid off for a week of camping with school, back to school where I actually had warm cookies awaiting their return home, and it began with crabbing in Oregon.

tippytoes-toes tippytoes-camping tippytoes-cookie tippytoes-crabring

Then there were moments of feeling like the world was on fire. Even the seemingly small things, like software updates that seemed to happen at once for every program I use, knocked me around. More time than I wish was spent listening to seven year olds dissect the depressing romantic life of Jon from Garfield.

Lessons were learned, starting with not updating all important tech at once, things were quit, focus was refreshed, and priorities were shifted. This week, all of the notebooks, planners, schedules, and lists are out and ready. My favorite time of year is here, and without the chaos of the remodel this year, we won’t miss it.

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