Review: Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver


The game: Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver.

Rating: E (Everyone)

Version we tested: Nintendo Wii U

Our experience: Many video games with an E rating don’t always appeal to the thrill ride my seven-year-old wants, which is an ongoing struggle. He sees commercials on TV for violent games, and recently tried to arrange a playdate with a friend, so that they could play his friend’s Halo 4 game. Umm, no way.

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver is a great option. It’s not a game for little kids – it feels slick and it’s definitely a challenge, which makes it feel more mature, even though it is rated E. We received a free copy to try out at home, and while I thought it would only be for my son, we each took a turn.

I played first and it was much harder than I expected, even on straight aways. This wasn’t a game for moms. My son played next and he fared better, but it was tough. He played it for a while, trying different courses, but never getting as far as he’d like. One great thing is that the game allows you to quickly try again, which meant the game kept him engaged even when things weren’t going as well as he’d like. My 10-year-old played it next and she loved it. She handled all of the challenges, and liked the many options for teams and races. My husband liked it, too. He did much better than me, too.

My son said “it’s cool that there are a lot of vehicles to drive, but on the motorcycle one, it was hard to get it to do stuff.”

Downsides: The game allows multiple players, but they cannot race each other directly. It was a one person at a time game. (If this is wrong, let me know because we really tried to find away to let people race each other.)

Conclusion: It is a cool game. It feels like a mature game for kids not old enough for teen and adult games, which satisfied my son’s needs. My daughter and husband still think it’s fun after playing it a few times. It was too hard for me to stay on course, but then this game isn’t for me. It’s sufficiently challenging, is fast paced, fun, and lacks violence, which makes it a winner.

Disclosure: As mentioned in the review, we were sent a copy for free. All opinions are my own.


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