Remodel: Picking Exterior Trim Colors


No decision comes with appropriate lead time during the remodel, which may be for the best because I’m indecisive and would waste time obsessing over the minutia. About two weeks ago, I was asked for the window trim color ASAP! The windows weren’t in, so I dragged my feet a little, hoping to see the window color in person before deciding what would go best with it. Unfortunately, that’s not how things always work, and the trim color was really needed ASAP, but this time with a million exclamation marks.


I went to the paint store, grabbed a bunch of samples that were drab colored. I was actually going for drab, so it’s not a negative here. I found my perfect color: Benjamin Moore Chateau. I loved it. It was perfect…

Until I got the call that it was an interior only color. Now add two million exclamation marks behind ASAP. 

Yes, the color could be matched, but because interior and exterior paints have a different makeup, the match would not be exact. It may have been perfectly fine, but I went back to the store to pick out a real exterior paint. This way, there would be no guessing and trusting that it would look okay.

The new winner:

It’s up and it looks great.


Am I finished? Not so fast. The sides of the garage, which were painted a light pink by a previous owner, need a new color. Back to the paint store, but this time I was smart enough to grab a bunch of samples of possible interior colors for after the drywall goes up. Next time I want to be ready for this. 

The winning color for the sides of the garage is Sandy Hook Gray. It looks the same, but it’s lighter and brighter than Gettysburg Gray. It will look natural and disappear behind the tall plants, which is what I want. 

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