Portland Road Trip: Cheese & Crack


We’ve been back from Portland a few weeks, but last Saturday night we were looking for light food that we could take with us to sit outside. That’s when Kevin said we really need a Cheese & Crack. Everyone needs a Cheese & Crack.

Our first night in Portland, I had a list of food trucks to visit for dinner, opting to plan a traveling meal with different courses at different trucks, beginning with Cheese & Crack as our first start, serving as fancy appetizers. Not only was it the star of the night, we went back the next day for lunch. Each of us loved it, despite each person have strong likes and dislikes. It was easy to put together something for everyone, it was fun, it was really, really good, and it’s only $8 a box.

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Here’s how it works:

1. Pick one type of cracker. We chose between butter crackers, gluten-free rice crackers, and oatmeal cookies, and we always picked the butter crackers. Made by owner Will, these crackers are the crack. They are so good. We quickly had to count and evenly divide them to avoid the frantic grabbing for more.

2. Choose two items from the meat and cheese list. The menu at the time was a Mycella Blue, brie brulee, salami, cana de oveja, fromage blanc, garlic and herb curds, and sardine pate. The blue was amazing, and the brie brulee was out of this world. Oh my god out of this world. I think we tried everything, but the fromage blanc, and everything was a winner.

3. Choose three sides from olives, cornichons, dried fruit, seasonal fruit, pickled shallots, and house jam. I think we tried everything, but the dried fruit. Again, everything was awesome. The blue cheese with the pickled shallots was such a winning combination that we plan to make it at home.

4. Finally, pick from the “optional options.” We tried all three: honey, Dijon, and chocolate.

There is a picnic table to eat on site, which we did, with Cheese & Crack’s homemade sodas, which were as popular with our family. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the drinks. Over two days, we each had cherry and peach, both were good, but I think peach was the winner.

Location: SE 33rd Ave & Hawthorne Blvd, Portland. There is a sandwich board on the main street, but the cart is down the alley a little.

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