Party at Disneyland, Go Easy on the Popcorn

We shut the party down! Then got sick in our bed! Well, one person pictured did that. The good news is that Disney is prepared for the good and the bad. Our midnight call to housekeeping was quickly answered by a team prepared for action. Within minutes, the victimized bed was stripped and re-wrapped in fresh bedding and our bathroom floor had been mopped. It's clear they had been through the drill before. Truly, minutes after the whole thing began, we were back in bed ready for sleep. Pro tip: don't let your kid eat an entire tub of popcorn by himself, then go on rides. 

Luckily, the sick kid woke up with no memory of getting sick or the clean up. His first question was, "Where are my pants?" I'm worried about what he'll be like in college. 

We were guests of Disneyland to get a sneak peek of Mickey and the Magical Map, which is an awesome new live show that's part of a revitalization of Fantasyland. 

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