Our Top Five Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas + Hairdryer Drawer

Here's a closer look at our bathroom with a few ideas that called out to be highlighted, apart from our general master bathroom overview

1. Hairdryer drawer with the outlet in the wall, NOT the drawer.


Like many people, I jumped at the photo on Pinterest of a drawer with an outlet inside the drawer for a top secret hidden hairdryer compartment. My builder and electrician were much less enthusiastic, both saying nope, no way, not gonna happen. They had good reason to object: the drawer outlets fail overtime. My electrician explained wires need to run from the drawer outlet to the wall, and that overtime, the connection weakens. Both the builder and electrician had done them for clients in the past, and they have both needed repair. We discussed a bunch of options, but the fail-safe way was to make a pull out under the sink to hold the hairdryer plugged into an outlet in the wall, under the sink. 

Tippytoes-hairdryerdrawerplug copy
The outlet isn't easily visible, but I can get to if needed, and there isn't an issue of wear on the wiring. Not to mention, the pull out drawers are awesome under the sink. We debated number and height, and I opted for two. The top drawer for the hairdryer has a center cut out to accommodate the sink plumbing. The hairdryer is always easy to grab. I'm really happy with the outcome. 

2. Build a shower niche and corner shelf. The niche is fabulous because it keeps all of our products, okay 80% are my products, out of plain sight. The niche is 22.5 tall, making two shelves 11.25 inches each. Our builder questioned the need for such a big niche, but I have a lot of stuff. Thankfully, the tile guy rolled with it. The corner shelf is to rest my foot while shaving my legs. I honestly had to mention this, calling it the "leg shaving ledge" to about a million guys. Slightly awkward. The corner shelf is 18 inches above the shower floor. 


Both the niche shelves and the corner shelf are made with remnants of the marble we used on our counter. The top of the step getting into the shower (not pictured), the ledge at the top of the pony wall, and a second bathroom countertop (see the general bathroom post for picture) were from the same slab. I love how it ties everything together. For the record, I was told by our builder that no one uses marble for the top of the step and that I should use tile, but the tile guy agreed with me, and used the marble. I am so happy with it. 

See? I needed a large niche.

3. Get a medicine cabinet with outlets inside. I cannot say enough about this. I hate having toothbrushes on the counter and this solves that. Our kids are jealous and I can't say I blame them. 


4. Heat the floor. We hemmed and hawed over radiant heat for the bathroom, then reluctantly went for it. I am so happy we did. It can be easily heat the entire master bedroom suite, although I adjusted it to make sure only the flooring was warm to my feet. It is the best feeling, and I kind of miss it as the weather is heating up and I lowered the floor temperature again. It's all programmable to peak and reduce at the exact times you want it to. 

5. Go with a Toto toilet, but don't worry about sanagloss. We replaced all of our toilets with Totos (Eco soirée in the master, and Ultramaxs in the other bathrooms) and I think they are great, but we paid more for ones with sanagloss, which is designed to help keep the bowl clean. It was not worth the upgrade. Honestly, our old toilets needed less scrubbing.


  1. Shelves in the shower are always a good idea. With all the products that we have, not counting the products that our spouse, We simply just need more space.

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