Though No Candy Corn, Fall has Unofficially Begun

tippytoes-pencils-1Things did not go according to my plans this weekend, which flat-out sucks. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a year, and definitely since February when the 49ers lost the Superbowl. We missed the football season last year due to the remodel. Just typing that gets me angry with our builder, who was so late, he made us miss our traditional Christmas and our annual Superbowl party. Grrr.

This was the big weekend, yet I wasn’t feeling well and my heart wasn’t into it. I sat and watched, but felt more like I was in a coma. I yelled at the TV once during the 49ers game, only once, which is a clear sign something was amiss.

We did manage to mark the last day of summer vacation with s’mores. Rocket had been asking about s’mores since our August camping trip because we only had marshmallows (don’t blame me, I’m not the mom in charge of dessert), and with only seconds on the clock, we got Rocket’s symbol of summer crossed off our list.

Though it’s still our summer, I ran to Target to grab some bags of candy corn to use for decor (and probably to emotionally eat) and – sit down for this – they did not have their Halloween stuff out. Why? WHY? Doesn’t the Halloween stuff normally hit the shelves in August, allowing everyone to complain about corporations over commercializing holidays by shoving seasonally colored Peeps down our throats weeks too soon? There were candy corn flavored Oreos and candy corn flavored M&Ms, but no actual candy corn. Oh America, why sully candy corn? It’s perfect on its own. My jar in question still is filled with summertime gum balls.

One kid started school today and the other starts tomorrow, then marks the time of year where I say, “It’s already 3 p.m.?” nearly every day. This weekend I was reminded that time slows down most when your kid is playing goalie or when you favorite football time is being challenged with only a minute left in the game. School days, though, they race by.

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