No Stress Summer Birthday Party at Home

Rocket’s birthday is June 21, and before he was born, I never fully understood how awful it can be to organize a summer birthday party. Everyone splits town after the last day of school, taking the festivity out of any birthday party. To beat that this year, my plan was to have his party before school ended, amidst all the chaos of the end of the school year.

We ended up sending out personalized PercyVites Johnny Test invitations to each of the boys in his class inviting them over for a breakfast for dinner party that ended up being a huge hit. We served waffles, bacon, hash browns, and orange juice, then we served donuts instead of cupcakes. The boys loved the donut cake. It was such a hit, that’s what I served his class the next Monday, in lieu of cupcakes again.

Any donuts will work, but I used Krispy Kreme because their size is uniform…and they are yummy. I bought both minis and regular sized donuts, but all the kids stuck with the regular sized ones. The sprinkles were popular enough that when I took donuts to his class, I went with all sprinkles. Lesson learned: kids prefer sprinkles.


The boys had a water balloon fight and made marshmallow guns, which turned out to be the best party entertainment ever. One way to handle the marshmallow gun construction is to buy a bunch of joints, straight pieces, and end pieces and let the kids design their own guns, but to make this as easy as possible, Kevin made a bag for each kid with all the parts needed to make a specific gun design.


He bought the individual joint and end pieces, then two really long PVC pipes that he cut into the individual straight pieces. At the party, each kid was handed a Ziplock bag with their personal marshmallow gun kit.

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun

Tippytoes-marshmallowgun copy

Everything just plugs together, no glue or much help was needed to get them built. The marshmallow guns are designed for the tiny marshmallows. Once the guns were assembled, we made sure each kid put his initials on their gun, then we put out a giant bag of marshmallows and let them loose. Here was the surprising thing: it entertained them for a long, long time. I bought a bunch of duct tape for them to decorate their guns, but they skipped that step to get shooting at each other. Easiest birthday party entertainment ever, and much cheaper than hiring a clown. (Okay, we’re never hired a clown, but we have hired a balloon guy, a magician, and a mad scientist in the past.)


On their way out the door, the kids were handed a bag of ammo – more little marshmallows – to take home with their gun as a favor.

Disclosure – The Johnny Test PercyVites were complimentary from the company. Rocket loves Johnny Test, making it a natural choice. 

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