Minecraft Birthday Party with Live Action Play

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My kids participated in a live action Minecraft play at the Maker Faire that could easily be recreated for a birthday party. This is an off-the-hook kid party idea. Kudos to the Maker Guild of Los Angeles for putting together one of the most creative features of a super creative Maker Faire.

To recreate this party, get a bunch of boxes and paint. Much like with real Minecraft, it’s always about the blocks.


Kids were divided into two groups, roughly bad guys and good guys. Can you tell I don’t play? My Minecraft fans would roll their eyes if they read this. The good people were Villagers with the one lucky kid who got to wear the Stevie head. On the other side were Creepers and an Enderman, and if they touched you, you were out.


The play area included a small box tree with boxes below. Those boxes needed to be collected by Stevie and the Villagers and brought to a location to exchange them for tools. Boxes could only be brought for exchange one at a time, and kids needed to deliver more than one box to get a tool. However, to get to the tree, one had to go near the cave area with Creepers. Naturally this is where the battle ensued.


An adult manned the block/tool exchange, another over-watched the battle to make sure everyone was okay, and an older child eventually released the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon was on a home made zipline of sorts, allowing him to fly above. His head was a single box, designed to pop off when hit enough (less hits than a pinata), allowing him to be defeated and the game to end.


Decor included a box cow, sheep, pig, and chickens. They were all adorable. Old sheets were painted to reflect the landscape.


Look! The box flaps are wings. It’s the cutest Minecraft chicken ever.

Once the Ender Dragon was defeated, everything was put back into place, character heads were traded, and the game began again. It was great fun.


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