Movies, Books, and How I Spent My Winter Break

As someone who works from home, when all of the noise and commotion exited the door yesterday morning in a ball of chaos, it was stunningly silent. I was alone for the first time in over two weeks and the only noise was the background hum of appliances. It was surprisingly a little scary, but that only lasted a beat, leaving me ready to dive in.

What I did over the break:

I threw my back out for the first time ever at the start of break. I do not recommend this. In fact, I recommend you NOT do this. The next week was a blur of Advil, muscle relaxers and a heating pad, all of which made me feel like some of my elderly relatives who would fall asleep in front of the TV moments after sitting down. We tested the limits of my screen sleepiness by going to the movies.

urlAnchorman 2 – This was so sad because I wanted it to be funny, but really, the best parts are in the commercials. It pains me to write that (and I mean it pains my soul, not my back, which is recovering nicely).
tbn_d53321c12a0d7137American Hustle – This was fantastic. The story was good, the actors were good, and the hair was awkward. It’s worth getting a babysitter to go see.
tbn_28dd37a4b93b9e21The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – This was good, too. I really liked it, especially on the big screen due to the beautiful scenery. I didn’t enjoy the 12 year old next to me with a severe case of restlessness. He was in a party of about seven family members, who shared popcorn by having the mom get up and pour it into even amounts for each person, all while standing upright. That happened throughout the movie. No one passes anymore.

I read two books, one of which slipped out of my hands and landed on my face while reading in bed. Another thing I advise against trying.

How to Be a Woman. It ebbed and flowed, but I really liked the final chapters about abortion and getting older. Those were separate chapters, in case that wasn’t clear.

The second book I cannot remember. It was a paperback?

Where we’re going:

Literally, we’ll probably go to Colorado, New Jersey, and I hope to Disneyland and maybe on a long out-of-state road trip.

Figuratively, we’re going to know better and do better, a la Maya Angelou. We’ve pinned the stuff and read the books, now it’s time for action. This year I will drink more water and less Diet Coke, clean the garage, work better, read more (once again, I have a year’s worth of New Yorkers stacked up), take more photographs, and let my kids make mistakes, but help them in ways that will serve them long-term.

Last year, I started walking away from things, as in I finally realized I don’t need to be involved in every single thing. Saying no was liberating. I plan on continuing.

I finally remembered the other book! It was The 5 Love Languages. I read it to help me with one of the kids, only to get to the end of the book to find that there is a version specifically written with kids in mind (The 5 Love Languages of Children). Back to the library.

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