Getting Spicy Over Hospital Photo Restrictions


Someone very important to me was born yesterday (I tried explaining the hilarity of the “born yesterday” saying to Rocket, who wasn’t getting it). There is nothing better than snuggling a little baby while not being the one recovering from a c-section. The pediatrician noted that on their second night, babies tend to get a little “spicy.” I am now going to use “spicy” as a term to describe my own children’s demanding behavior. It sounds spunkier than just being a demanding pain.

Stanford is a great place to be when in a health crisis, and I know that because I saw the children’s hospital staff at their best when I nearly died from severe preeclampsia, but while putting all of the focus on life saving, the niceties of a normal experience get overlooked. I was reminded yesterday as I was talked to several times by security about picture taking. I wasn’t doing anything at the time, other than having the camera on me, but one guy really was nasty about lecturing me about not taking photos of the building, staff, or anyone else that was not my family. Another security guard told me that they have to tell everyone this, yet they only seemed to go after me, with a visible camera and not the other 95% of the people walking around with smartphones taking pictures of everything. Maybe wait until a person appears to do something questionable before going in all bad cop on them.

I don’t respond well to these lectures. I may have taken some pictures of the building.

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