Home Gallery: The Wall of Frames 2.0

Soon after we moved in to this house, I bought a big frame and print for our living room wall. It seemed huge until I put it on the wall where it looked sadly disproportionate to the room. But still it stayed there, much like my half finished wall mounted shelf in my office. I'll get to it…eventually, I'd think.

About two years ago, I ditched the big print, bought a few smaller frames and put them up, but they didn't fill the space either. I bought a few more frames and made Kevin re-hang the whole thing. (He loooved that. There is nothing he loves more than hear me say, "A little more to the left, more, more, that's too much, back, back. Oh this is all wrong. Forget it." Ahem.) Eventually, it happened. It took the entirety of my 40×40 year, but the frames are up and filled. Filling them turned out to be the hardest part.


All of the art was purchased on Etsy. The only piece I created was the papercutting at the bottom center. I've wanted to try papercutting for some time, but it wasn't until recently that I pulled out my X-Acto knife and got down to work.


It was relaxing and meditative. I thought it would be fun, but I didn't expect to be so peaceful. Which is a good thing when taking up a craft featuring a knife.

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