Getting a Glass Ornament Home From Disneyland Safely

In one of the many Christmas boxes, I pulled out a football-sized roll of packaging paper. It was light enough that I almost didn’t think anything was in it, but I decided to unwrap the roll just in case. Around and around  I unrolled until finally I could feel the glass Mickey-shaped ornament we bought at Disneyland last year. It had survived the remainder of our trip at Disneyland, the road trip home, being shoved into the garage during our remodel, then tossed into a box and put into the attic. If you have any doubt about buying glass ornaments at Disneyland, don’t. It will make it home safe. There is enough protective packaging around the ornament that you could probably drop the bag a few times without harm.


This picture of the ornament next to the folded up wrap doesn’t adequately explain the bulk, so I unrolled it on the floor. It’s got to be about 12 feet long.



I need to get this ornament on the tree before I trip over myself and watch it explode into pieces after hitting the ground.

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