Deviled Egg Easter Chicks in a Rachael Ray Tray


My mom didn't repeat her Thanksgiving craftiness that made her a momentary celebrity on Pinterest last year, but she did decide to go wild on Easter with these little deviled eggs made to look like chicks. They were a huge hit, and my mother must have proclaimed a million times, "It's a Rachael Ray!" 

My mom has one chef she follows and that is Rachael Ray. I assume she watches her show each day, and she definitely subscribes to her magazine, but it wasn't until I looked up the recipe, so I could link to it, that I realized my mom buys Rachael Ray products too. That part she kept mum about when people complimented her cute egg dish. It turns out the dish is Rachael Ray's Sittin' Pretty Egg Tray. She may be going overboard with the Rachael Ray fandom thing. If she starts saying "sammies" and "yum-o," we'll stage an intervention. 

The Deviled Easter Eggs were "so easy," according to my mom, who also has become a huge fan of gel manicures, which unfortunately for her, cannot be seen in this photo because she was eager to correct that weird nail photo used in the Thanksgiving post. Trust me, her nails were an even and normal length, with a pastel pink polish that will last her for weeks. "The last one lasted FOUR WEEKS!" I didn't see them at week four to know how they were holding up, but my guess is that was one week more than should have been allowed, unless her nails grow really slowly. 

She had a great Easter.

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