Bright Lights and Blessings {The Week in Me: Week 42}

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This was a whirlwind week, but then any week that involves Las Vegas and…really anything else, is a whirlwind week. I went to Vegas for work, then home and off to a night with friends at a beach house on the Monterey coast, then I got to meet the famous Jack Jack the pig at school pick up, to high school visits (one involving Abigail the goat – not a mascot, just part of a school farm), and to a friend’s 40th birthday party that was one of the most Instagram-worthy events I’ve attended. It was amazing and exhausting all at once, ending with me telling Kevin that I have mono, and him letting me know that event-related tiredness is not mono. For the record, he’s not a doctor. I think it may be a new, single day mono hybrid that I experience once a weekend following busy weeks.

Everything was amazing and I loved being a part of every moment of it, even if it gave me single-day mono.