Disney Desserts and Why Caramel Apples are the Best

My sister and I have an unspoken rule that whenever one of us goes to Disneyland or Disney World (although neither of us have been to Disney World in years), we bring back the other a caramel apple. Last week we were at Disneyland for the 24-hour Monstrous Summer event, and I brought back my sister a Sully caramel apple. 


He reminds me of the line from Where the Wild Things Are: "We'll eat you up—we love you so!"

Sully led to a conversation about why Disney caramel apples are the best. My sister said it's good caramel, and I agree, but think the fact that they are freshly made helps, too. (You can watch the caramel apple making in the windows of Marceline's Confectionery and other Disneyland candy shops.) Fresh + good caramel + a dash of cute = the best caramel apples ever. Disney will put the apples in a little plastic container that allows for safe transport. They are the yummiest souvenir. We spied the new Sorcerer Mickey caramel apples, too, but the hat made him too tall to fit into the to-go containers. Sully was the perfect size. 

Here are some of the noteworthy treats that made it into our bellies:

Photo (20)

Our first Dole Whips! This one was the float.

Photo (22)

A design-your-own ice cream bar at Clarabelle's Hand-Scooped Ice Cream in California Adventure. 

Photo (23)
A late night snack of churros bites from Cozy Cone Motel in Radiator Springs at California Adventure. 

Photo (24)Mint Juleps with (unpictured) Mickey-shaped beignets, enjoyed while listening to live jazz music at the Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland's French Quarter. It's the perfect afternoon break.

Finally, after a few mentions that Kevin and Rocket did not look happy in the last post, here's a happier picture taken with my iPhone. The less happy photo was photo number 19, using two cameras, that I'd taken at one location, not including the accidental video when I pressed the wrong button. They weren't tired of Disneyland, but tired of me 

Party at Disneyland, Go Easy on the Popcorn

We shut the party down! Then got sick in our bed! Well, one person pictured did that. The good news is that Disney is prepared for the good and the bad. Our midnight call to housekeeping was quickly answered by a team prepared for action. Within minutes, the victimized bed was stripped and re-wrapped in fresh bedding and our bathroom floor had been mopped. It's clear they had been through the drill before. Truly, minutes after the whole thing began, we were back in bed ready for sleep. Pro tip: don't let your kid eat an entire tub of popcorn by himself, then go on rides. 

Luckily, the sick kid woke up with no memory of getting sick or the clean up. His first question was, "Where are my pants?" I'm worried about what he'll be like in college. 

We were guests of Disneyland to get a sneak peek of Mickey and the Magical Map, which is an awesome new live show that's part of a revitalization of Fantasyland. 

Where to Find Poutine at AT&T Park

Let's pause for a brief public service announcement. The Giants announced they would be selling poutine this year, but at the start of the season, it was impossible to find. We came across it by accident, not on one of our many trips around the park searching for it, so here is the location for other search parties:

Derbygrill-att park

Main level, near the left field line, at the Derby Grill, next to the Ghirardelli stand. If you are standing behind the bleachers, you've gone too far. 

We had looked at the Derby Grill closer to home plate, but didn't see poutine. Maybe it wasn't on the menu at the time, maybe we missed it, maybe it still isn't on the menu. The point is, it's not easy to find.

Unfortunately we were on our way to get ice cream when the discovery was made, so we still haven't tried the poutine. Next time.

Unplanned Day Trip to San Francisco with Kids

Another holiday impacted by the remodel. Yesterday was the first MLK day that we were all four off, yet much like the holiday break, work on the house continued, and while we were happy it did, we still needed to get out. Without a plan, but needing to leave asap, we headed to San Francisco.

Mission Dolores Park Helen Diller Playground

A reminder that six is still little

I've wanted to take the kids to this playground since it opened last year. They've run the grassy slopes of Mission Dolores Park after eating Bi-Rite ice cream, but that's because the only other thing to do was watch adults play tennis. Clover saw a spread on the new playground in Sunset magazine (this remodel has forced her to read my magazines due to the lack of stuff we're allowed in the house), and she's been asking to go for a few weeks. 

We got there early when the park was pretty empty. The bright sun was lovely on a winter morning. The kids loves the big slides. First they hit the twisty one, but the wide, straight slide got them moving fast. They probably went down it about 20 times. At one point, as I watched Clover slide, I heard the bongo drummers starting up – this is a San Francisco park, after all, but when I asked about Rocket, Clover responded, "He's playing the drums." Sure enough, there are drums built into the playground. Welcome to San Francisco. 

18th Street


Too early for ice cream or pizza, we got in line at Tartine Bakery for croissants and hot drinks. After, we walked to Bi-Rite Market for snacks later. (This is the spot to buy sandwiches, salads, and dessert for a picnic in the park.) Outside of the grocery, we came upon the solution to my hillside gardening woes: a seedbomb dispenser. With only two quarters, my grand landscaping plan was thwarted. The seedbomb is designed to toss into vacant, weed-filled lots, but that kinda applies to our hillside. We'll see what one bomb can do. 

Twin Peaks


Driving across town, I saw a sign pointing toward Twin Peaks and adjusting our course. I hadn't been since college, and it was always dark then, which meant the course was new to me, too. The kids loved looking out all over the city, pointing out AT&T Park, Marin, City Hall, USF, and Golden Gate Park. 

Lunch and Ice Cream

Tippytoes-icecreambar-2The kids wanted to return to the Ice Cream Bar for lunch. While it's all about ice cream, the grilled cheese on brioche with a side of sweet potato chips is not to be missed. The ice cream is good, too, with a good vegan selection. 



Ocean Beach


Skipping the beach on a gorgeous day is unCalifornian. Ocean Beach is a long stretch with tons of parking, but on busy days like yesterday, we ended up near the zoo before we found a spot. The weather was so lovely, people were swimming. 

Unplanned and beautiful.

We’ve Run Away to Escape Our Lives


We've run away to the Happiest Place on Earth® for a few days, with a one night stop in Santa Monica. There is nothing like getting up really early, when it's dark and cool, and driving far away to someplace warm and happy. We're not even at Disneyland yet, but so far this is exactly what we needed.