40×40: A Weekend Away with Kevin


Kevin and I got away for the weekend, on vacation alone for the first time in years. Sadly, it's also been about that long since I last really relaxed. We read, we lounged, we walked. It was so nice to do things at our own pace and not because one kid needed to eat, sleep or was having a meltdown. One more day would have been perfect. 


The only snag was that as we arrived in Mendocino – and back into a cell phone reception zone – both of our phones started beeping. It turns out we locked my parents (and kids) out of the house, while the dog was stuck inside. After some stress and a few calls, it all worked out, but I don't recommend beginning a weekend away like that. 

40×40: Rocket’s First Trip to Disneyland



No surprise, the kid loved Disneyland. More will be posted, once the kids' sugar high wears off or I get some rest. Whichever comes first.

40×40: Letting the Kids Pick the Movie

Rocket makes the cutest nerd ever.

We saw How to Train Your Dragon over Spring Break, a movie the kids
really wanted to see, but I didn't. I had nothing against the movie,
it's most kid-movies in general that turn me off with their annoying voices and superficial stories. Still to the movies we went, bought the
obligatory popcorn and really enjoyed it. I liked it, the kids
liked it. It was good enough to keep a three year old glued to his seat
with his 3D glasses in place. And he had put those glasses on the second after we sat down. They still talk about Hiccup and the
different dragons.

This does not mean I'm willing to take them to see any movies starring

I'm slowly chipping away at my 40×40 list.

40×40: Taking the Kids to a Giants Game

Keeping a safe distance from Lou Seal

Prior to this season, Rocket had only been to one Giants game, and it was in the bleachers, to boot, because I was prepared to leave early. A year later, we took him to Coors Field to see the Rockies, so I could have played it off as if we were only taking him to one game at every stadium, but that didn't explain why Clover went to at least one Giants game every year.

We're lucky that my cousin has really great season tickets and even luckier that he's generous about giving them away. His seats are row 14, near the ball dude on the third base line. The only problem is that he only has two seats, so we never go as a family. The Giants have gotten smarter about pricing their tickets based on demand, lowering the cost of tickets for less interesting games, which is great because they've been charging a small fortune for tickets and if you want to go as a family of four (or more), it's a lot of money. (The Rockies, on the other hand, we felt were incredibly family friendly.) Now if the Giants can start selling kid's meals at concession stands around the park and not only in one spot behind centerfield…

Back to my cousin…his tickets are great and had spoiled us until last week when we lucked into truly amazing (and free) tickets that made it possible for all four of us to go to the game. Even if it was only an exhibition game, short of the Giants winning the World Series, this will be the highlight of the season for us. We were in Row A, which is technically the fourth row, but we were still so close, sitting right next to the dugout in our own private row. The camera guy gave Clover bubble gum, Lou Seal hammed it up with Rocket, beer was brought to us at our seats, our seats had a private entrance into the stadium, and of course, the Giants won. Clover wore a Pablo Sandoval-inspired panda t-shirt and at one point, she turned to me, all giddy, and said, "The Panda looked at me!" He did. We were right there. On the way home, Clover said "I think the Panda is my second favorite baseball player, next to the tall, really good pitcher." At least she didn't say stoner. (I am not judging. Keep winning and you can smoke anything you want…so put that in your pipe and smoke it.)

Typepad hates my iPhone. It's Cain and Molina. Trust me.

It rained the entire day leading up to the game, making the trip into San Francisco seem insane. We left home in a heavy downpour. I kept thinking we should scrap our plans, but then I'd look at the tickets and say maybe just an inning or two, assuming the game wasn't rained out. As we drove, the clouds dispersed, the rain stopped, and what was left was a perfect night game.

The next morning I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt, then to buy skateboards. On the way home, Clover said it was one of the best days of her life. Um, remember last night? Best Giants seats ever? Cotton candy? The Panda looked at you? The egg hunt-skateboard combo still won, according to Clover. These kids are jaded.

Clover and I will be at opening day too, but sitting in my cousin's seats. I told her we won't be sitting in the amazing seats from the other night and she said, "Are we going to be up higher?" "No," I said, "Closer…" and before I could add "than that," she jumped in with "Oh good! Closer!" Yes, closer than the fourth row. I've raised the bar so high she has to be the bat girl in order to be happy. When I explained we're in the fourteenth row, but between third and left, she was a little saddened, so to cheer her up, I added, "But Nonnie and Papa Bob will be in the SnowPack!" (Inside joke for Giants fans. All others: think top row.) The thought of my parents in the cheap seats made us both laugh.

The 40×40 Countdown is Really On

Yesterday was my birthday, leaving me under one year to complete my 40×40 list. It's an "accomplishable list," as my sister said, but I'm starting to fret a bit, asking myself, "When? When? When?" again and again. The good news is that I'm off Diet Coke, I've started the Couch to 5K program and I've pretty much figured out my new camera. I whipped up a chunky scarf, in green, with the expectation I could wear it on my birthday, but it turned out to be a beautiful, short-sleeves type of day, so I wore the scarf only long enough to take a photo. Kudos to all of you who can take your own photo using a mirror. I ended up with about 10 shots of the ceiling or moulding before my sister asked to end the misery and take the picture for me.


The scarf is longer than it looks. With all of the photo adjustments, it got pulled over to one side, making it look really short in the photo. Also, I forgot to wear makeup, so posting this marks a brave moment.

This cupcake has my name all over it. Literally.


From a birthday gift to myself, this makes me laugh:


For those keeping score, three and a half things down, 36.5 more to go before turning 40.