I Heart Cara Cara Oranges


I have a new favorite winter fruit. By February, I am sick of apples, and satsumas are past their prime. I tried my first Cara Cara orange about two weeks ago and was smitten. Thanks to Whole Foods for always having samples because I was able to convince Clover to try a slice with the promise that it tasted like candy. Since then, I’ve had one a day. No scurvy here.

They aren’t as acidic as oranges. I read a description that said they taste like oranges crossed with cranberries, but it’s not quite that either. Just good.


  1. Cara Caras are my new favorite too. I guess I’ve eaten them in past winters but never really paid attention to the flavor difference – which I love!! Mmmm :)


  1. […] my obsession was Cara Cara oranges, which was like eating an orange with the edge taken off, but then Whole Foods ran out and the ones […]

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