BlogHer: As Seen Through My Crappy iPhone Camera

When I see blurry photos on blogs, I always wonder if the author realized the photo was blurry or if s/he thought it was still good enough to tell the story anyway. I wouldn’t do such a thing, I’d tell myself…that is until now. The iPhone was no match for BlogHer, but there was no way I was going to lug around my nice SLR in addition to the other stuff I had to carry. And even if I had my Canon in hand, I’m no Carla Duharte-Razura, who is incredibly talented in many ways (including bracelet procurement, but that is another story).

Yahoo! bought me this drink. The real cherry on top is that they also bought my trip.

Nuzzles from the Michelin Man.

The Wiener Mobile! The license plate reads “Big Bun.” A sense of humor is a must if you’re in the wiener business.

Carson, shirtless after Cat worked her magic.

Paula Deen, after much delay.

Tim Gunn, near the most phallic ad at a women’s conference. Stick it and forget it, alright.

Ironically, not one thing is in focus in this picture from the Shutter Sisters party.

More blur from the awesome CheeseburgHer party.

My thoughts on BlogHer will follow, once I am able to locate them.


  1. Why do I not have a single photo with you throughout all of BlogHer? To quote Dr. Seuss in One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish: “This is no good, this is not right!”

  2. oh, the oscar meyer weiner mobile. Nice, I have only seen it once before in Chicago. I guess it maybe lives there.

  3. you’re the coolest!

    i want to be a yahoo mom!!!!!

  4. iPhone camera moments are real moments. Looks like you hit all the right places at the right time! Hey, where is the tiara photo?

  5. I wish I were there in CheeseburgHer party. I die eater of Burger.

  6. How can I clean my iPhone camera lens?
    When I first got my iPhone in May it took amazing pictures, but now months later, the pictures aren’t turning out so great. I personally think my camera lens is dirty or something. Does anyone know how I can clean it?

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