ActivityHero to the Rescue for Easy Camp and Activity Planning

Tippytoes-activityheroRecently it dawned on me that I am an unpaid project manager. This isn’t my job-job, but it’s how I spend a majority of my day, from carpool updates to monitoring our remodel to getting kids to lessons to making sure library books get found and returned. This doesn’t include lessons or camp or guilt for lessons they should be taking. I mourn martial arts more than my kids care to do it.

So much about planning kids’ activities is connections – whether that be getting a review from a friend or coordinating plans to ensure you child goes to camp or class with a friend. ActivityHero bridges the current connection gap by putting everything in one place.

Information on all kinds of camps and classes are in one place, and can be filtered by interest, age, and distance to end the burden of searching. Users can see recommendations from friends, and reviews from other users, plus, ActivityHero will help you register. Coming soon is a calendar tool to help coordinate kid activities with friends. Best of all, it’s all free.

San Francisco summer camp: 2012 facts
San Francisco Summer Camp

Prior to school vacations or minor holidays, the local parents club message board is filled with lists of people looking for short-term camps. Or, my favorite, the requests for recommendations based on the most specific interests, like a morning program learning to bake for gluten-free dogs, or camps that are both about learning to mime and horseback riding. ActivityHero has the answer. I ran searches for possible activities in a 10-mile radius, and each time, found many options I’d never heard of before. Winter camp options look tempting. (There wasn’t a gluten-free baking class for dog lovers, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be offered soon.)

Things popped out at me without searching. There was a photo tab for baseball, and upon clicking, I got information on nearby skills clinics. Also, there’s a little map with arrows letting me know exactly where the activities are located. The options seem endless, and by using the specified search, I can find the programs perfect for our family. Searches that would have taken days are now finished in minutes, leaving more time for the rest of my project management job.

Giveaway: Sign up for ActivityHero by Feb. 28 for a chance to win a free week of camp in either the San Francisco Bay Area or Philadelphia.

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