About Me


Who? I’m Kimberly, a former reporter who has lived nearly my entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area, leaving only for brief sojourns in Washington, D.C. (loved it, but the humidity), Boston (loved it, but the cold), and Sacramento (no comment). I live with my very kind and very patient husband Kevin, our kids Clover (born in 2002) and Rocket (born in 2006), and our turtle Pagoda. Clover and Rocket are their real nicknames; Pagoda is his or her real name.

What? This is a lifestyle blog – my lifestyle. It’s a little bit Sunset magazine with a dash of Roseanne. I’m nerdy, sporty, a photographer, list-maker, coffee drinker, ocean and beach lover, SF Giants and 49ers diehard fan, TV watcher, podcast listener, Disneyland enthusiast, and am strongly pro-cilantro.

Where? We live in Silicon Valley smack in the middle between the ocean and the bay, in the heart of the tech world. I can be found at Silicon Valley Mamas, @tippytoes on Twitter, and on Pinterest.

When? I blog here as much as possible. When not here, it means work or family needs extra attention. Or I can’t find the right picture to go with my thoughts.

Why? If I’m not talking, I’m writing. I cannot shut up. I began blogging in 2006 to get back into the practice of writing under a deadline, even though the deadlines were self-imposed and not nearly as stressful as back in my reporting days. What I soon found was that blogging has served as a diary of my motherhood. This is a letter to my kids about what our lives were like when they were small.

For more about my work history, check out my LinkedIn page. My work has been featured in the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, and Fresno Bee.

Contact: Reach me at kimberlykauer@gmail.com.

PR and product policy: Yes, I would love to work with you! However, I only take on projects that interest me or my family. Anything I review is something I would use outside of blogging. If I have received a product or service for free or have been paid to take on a project, I disclose it, not only because that is the law, but because it is the ethical thing to do.


I’m a Pisces, ESTJ, an oldest child, right-handed, left-footed, Italian, German, and a wee bit Irish. My birthday is March 17, which makes my honorary Irish larger than my genetic part.

My goal is to visit all 50 states. Remaining: Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Countries visited: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, and a bunch of Caribbean islands. I long to visit Cuba.

I’m desperately trying to get over the fact that parenting a girl is nothing like it was depicted on Gilmore Girls. Parenting a boy has helped me understand every overbearing mother-in-law who could just not let go.

I often laugh like Nelson from The Simpsons. Occasionally I snort while laughing, too.

My mom does not read my blog.