40×40: The Midterm Review


I just about peed my pants in fear when I realized I had under six months to complete this list. It only got worse as I went down the list and found I'm not making nearly as much progress as I'd thought. Okkkaayy. Strap on the strap on because this is about to get real.

Where it stands today:

complete a crochet project – Failing miserably. Haven't started.

complete the Couch to 5K program – Oh please. I've gotten a few weeks in, then stopped and restarted. Twice. Still hopeful. Each time I've restarted, the first run is incredibly easy, until it's not. As I glide around the track, I always think, "I can run forever. I can run a marathon. This is awesome. This is awes…oh my god, I think I'm gonna die. I'm dying…"

organize idea binders – Not a bit. Jeez, I'm a slacker.

learn to snake the main line – Now I'm getting down on myself. No progress.

get current with my New Yorker subscription – Did it, now need to do it again.

end the magazine back log – These damn magazines keep coming every week. I feel like Sisyphus here!


take Rocket to Disneyland for the first time – WOO HOO! VICTORY! Crossed off the list in April.


take the kids to NYC – Did it in August! Thankfully blogging about the trip wasn't on my list because that didn't happen.

BlogHer10! – Yep!

do something with my arms – I've kind of come to terms with them. I was forced to bare them at my sister's wedding, which made me adopt a "who cares?" approach. As my sister said, "You have fat arms. Everyone knows. Get over it." There is nothing like sibling love.

successful veggie garden (aka beat the deer) – Did it. Sort of. The fence worked. We had one deer intrusion, but s/he didn't get much, thanks to my Fort Knox-style netting. The garden didn't look the same after a summer heat wave while we were on the East Coast, though, making it hard to claim a full garden victory. It will be better next year because we've hired a gardener. After his first visit, I wanted to tackle him like Tigger on Pooh. Is one yard cleaning too soon to feel true love?

alter and hang Rocket's drapes – Done and done.

learn to hem pants, rather get the courage to touch Kevin's hems – well, Kevin took about six pairs of pants to the dry cleaner to get altered, which means a big no.

take my vitamins – started strong, then not so much.


take the kids to a candy store and let them buy whatever they want (within a tiny budget) – Did it TWICE and it was awesome.

finish Brideshead Revisited – haven't even found my 20 year old copy.

go on an adventure – I think this is in progress

tone down my yelling – kind of, depending upon how strictly 'toned down' is defined.

eat at Foreign Cinema – Nope.

go away with Kevinyes, Mendocino in May.


take the kids to at least one Giants game this yearYes! Rocket went to one game, Clover went to two. Go Giants!

margaritas on the front deck – once, but not enough

finish advent stockings – oh no.


take Rocket to a Stanford football game – Did it! Go Cardinal! As for the picture, after Rocket had his face painted, Clover said, "You're a Stanford head! I'm going to call you an S-head!" She proceeded to call him "a little S-head" repeatidly until I finally stopped laughing and told her to stop.

update my blog design - Yay! Update happened in August.

get the journals for the kids up to date – haven't even found the journals. Not good.

get annual photo albums for the kids relatively up to date – I've made progress. I made three albums on Shutterfly.

take the kids to a movie they want to see, but I don'tYep. How to Train Your Dragon, or something like that.

figure out my new camera – I've gotten better, but I'm going to an amazing Me Ra Koh workshop next weekend that should help tremendously.

teach the kids to ride a bikeYES!

get off Diet Coke – no longer addicted!

get air conditioning – Hell yeah!

clear out the pre-marriage boxes in our garage – Made progress, but nowhere near done. But also not going to appear on Hoarders, so that's good.

listen to the Spanish language CD with the kids – no! (Read that in Spanish.)

go to Glass BeachDid it in May during our Mendocino trip.

figure out Photoshop – step by step, making progress.

knit a chunky scarfyep, all the way back in March.

find a plant/do something with living room corner – no, but hiring someone to take a look at our house.

fill living room frames – in progress

Muir Woods

take the kids to the Marin sites of my childhood – we've pretty much done it.

I'm not going to lie, I'm getting a little nervous. There's a lot to do here and I can't rely on caffeine from a Diet Coke to kick start my campaign. Doh!

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