40×40: Read Brideshead Revisited


I bought this book almost exactly 19 years ago and it has been nagging me ever since. I was a freshman in college and a whole group of people I knew loved this book. Really loved it, in the way tween girls love Justin Beiber. I bought it before heading to Spring Break, which was dumb because who reads anything more than a magazine while on Spring Break in Palm Springs? I remember reclining poolside with hands oily from suntan lotion, trying to get some momentum on this book. It didn't happen. Nor did it happen the other times I tried to read it over the past 19 years.

That is, until last Monday night when I cracked it open, with absolute determination to grit my teeth and get through it. Very quickly this time, I fell into it. I loved it. It was finished within days. I can't believe it took me this long to complete.

But I still don't know what made me think it was appropriate reading for Spring Break.

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