40×40: Candy Overdose


There was an unexpected opportunity to cross off a 40×40 goal while at Peter Pan last week. I can be tight with sugar, yet
both of my kids have a sweet tooth, which makes me feel like a hard-ass
most of the time. My plan had been to take them to a candy shop, give
them each $5 and let them spend it as they wished. However, I was kind
of reluctant to do that because the nearby candy shop is pricey and I
knew the $5 would not go far at all, which would cut into the fun. Plus,
they'd have to keep weighing, adding a little, re-weighing and that's a
buzz kill too.

CityMama tipped us off that the Peter Pan concessions featured a $6
candy tub. It was a small Chinese food-style container that could be
filled to the brim with candy, all for the flat $6 fee. Stefania held
three modestly filled containers for her kids and a friend, but I knew
my kids wouldn't settle for that. That's when I remembered the 40×40
goal, plunked down my $12 and let the kids go to town.

I helped Rocket, who picked a variety of candies, a little of this and
that, while Kevin tried to guide Clover. When we walked out, I picked up
both containers to carry into the theater. Clover's was easily double
the weight of Rocket's. It felt like a brick. They were both filled to the top, but she must have pressed down
with the metal scoop to compact the candy to make more room. Like trash day after a big party, when you're determined to get everything into the garbage can. I can't say I blame her.

Rocket fed himself a nonstop stream of candy, kind of like how one would
eat movie popcorn, during the show, until I took the containers away to
slow the kids down. I gave them back later and while Clover showed a
lot of restraint, Rocket nearly finished his stash. This was all washed
down with lemonade, of course. I was happy, the kids were ecstatic (and a
little confused by this change in my attitude) and all was well.

Until 3 a.m. when we heard, "Mom? I threw up."


  1. my aunt had a theory on easter candy…her kids would be allowed to eat as much as they wanted the whole day and when easter was over the candy went in the trash.

  2. I think we may start letting them have a one day holiday binge because we still have Valentine’s Day and Easter candy. I got rid of the Halloween candy awhile back. :)

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