Bright Lights and Blessings {The Week in Me: Week 42}

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This was a whirlwind week, but then any week that involves Las Vegas and…really anything else, is a whirlwind week. I went to Vegas for work, then home and off to a night with friends at a beach house on the Monterey coast, then I got to meet the famous Jack Jack the pig at school pick up, to high school visits (one involving Abigail the goat – not a mascot, just part of a school farm), and to a friend’s 40th birthday party that was one of the most Instagram-worthy events I’ve attended. It was amazing and exhausting all at once, ending with me telling Kevin that I have mono, and him letting me know that event-related tiredness is not mono. For the record, he’s not a doctor. I think it may be a new, single day mono hybrid that I experience once a weekend following busy weeks.

Everything was amazing and I loved being a part of every moment of it, even if it gave me single-day mono.

Red Lips and Rosy Cheeks {The Week in Me: Weeks 29-36}


This was the summer of yes, the summer of sand and sunsets and ice cream and long-term memories. We did a lot in three months, yet it all went by so fast. My iPhone photos took me on a trip back, and these were some of the small moments that added up to a great summer. New York, New Jersey, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, work, so much work, camps, and the best concert I’ve ever attended, the one that turned me into a serious Swiftie. We have one more adventure planned before school begins, which means that while my friends are posting on Facebook about pumpkin spice lattes (blech), we’re headed to SoCal to wring the last little bit of fun out of this summer.

Sands, Hourglass, Etc. {The Week in Me: Weeks 18-28}

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Again, where are we now? Some of these pictures feel like they were taken yesterday, but the past few weeks have flown by, as is normal. It’s July, and not only that, we have so much going on in July that it feels like the cusp of August. The other night we went to San Francisco for an event at the Maker Media Lab at the old Exploratorium location, and the event was perfect – hands-on activities, fun things to look at, a dog wearing light up pants, Amici’s pizza and beer – yet our kids were glued to the pinball machine. The machine made their night. When we left, it was still light, and we decided to go across the street to Crissy Field, where we had the beach to ourselves, if you didn’t count the few photographers down beach with cameras on tripods pointed at the Golden Gate Bridge, hoping that the fog would back off for the sunset. That may have been the best hour of the summer.

The summer has been work, camp for the kids, camp for my work, lunch at Sunset Magazine, the above mentioned Maker Camp kick off event, Trixie’s first Fourth of July (not bothered by fireworks, but very bothered by not getting any s’mores), planning upcoming vacations, and a general freak out about how fast time is slipping away. Our school summers are long; this year the kids don’t go back until Sept. 14 and 15. This gives us plenty of time for summer and a late vacation after everyone else is back in school. However, it’s a little sad knowing that this is our last year and that next year, with high school in our future, summer will abruptly end in mid-August.

The turtle picture seems to symbolize something, but I haven’t yet figured out what. While working at the start of the summer. I saw a turtle a few feet away from a pond. I slowly approached, trying my best not to startle the turtle with a fast movement, and as I edged forward, I zoomed in with my camera and took the photo. This was the happiest turtle I’d ever met! As I backed away, I noticed the turtle had never moved at all, so I moved back closer and closer until I could finally see it was made of stone. I spent 10 minutes stalking a stone turtle. All I could do was laugh.

Here, There, Everywhere {The Week in Me: Weeks 4-17}


Somehow this year, I have resisted the urge to type, but put that sign up on a typewriter and I just want to touch all of the keys at once, creating a horrific jam that always happened when typing too fast on my mom’s old typewriter. It would require untangling the keys, one by one, leaving my hands coated in black ink.

The craziness started when I last left off, which was right before Trixie ingested marijuana while at Dolores Park in San Francisco. We don’t know what she ate or how much, but by the time we took the picture of her in front of the mural, she was not able to focus at all. Tired puppy, we thought. High as a kite puppy, it turns out. After a few scary hours and time spent at the vet with fluid and charcoal tablets, she was fine. She’s still high maintenance, with skin allergies requiring a specialist and a special diet, but that has nothing to do with the marijuana. Oh, Frenchies, you aren’t cheap.

The year has plowed on, full of activity and lots of work. The fortunes came true with a big trip to five states, and an invitation to the Disney Social Media Moms conference next month (another state!). Everything is good, even with the hiccups of life. The hard part is not letting the moments rush by without pause.

We haven’t done any gardening yet this year, but this little tomato plant is determined to live. Some of the tomatoes went to seed at the end of last summer, and this guy burst forth in February. That’s what one needs to do to get attention around here.

Newness {The Week in Me: Week 3}

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My Christmas gift arrived this week! It’s a Herman Miller Eames rocking chair that I fell in love with a few months ago at an event at a San Francisco incubator. They had this colorful wall and in front of it was a long wood table with about 20 different colored rockers. My new fear is that it will scratch our flooring through aggressive use by the kids, which means we should get an area rug for the space, which means we need to get Trixie fully trained so that she doesn’t ruin a new rug. Everything is connected and it all leads to more work. We did order a new rug for our family room to replace the exact same rug we have there, but the company sent the wrong rug and for a minute, I was hoping they’d let us keep it because the rug was inexpensive and it barely survived UPS ground across country to get here. Amazon has spoiled me with their customer service when they make a mistake and I forgot that not all companies handle customer service the same way. This would solve the living room floor issue, but this wasn’t Amazon and the rug company wanted it back, so I’m back to square one. (Also, they won’t ship us the correct rug we ordered because they don’t do exchanges, even when it is their fault. I need to figure out my rug needs and reorder. I would link to the company, but their customer service has been remarkably horrible. Yet the prices are so good…) Back to the chair – there is no way to feel unhappy while in it. I love it so much. Trixie was concerned about a moving chair, but once she realized it wasn’t coming after her, she accepted it into her world.

Middle age arrived this week in the form of reading glasses. I was one of the many people at the eye doctor just before the end of the year to use up my vision benefits. I was told I was right on the border of needing glasses, which makes these pretty much a glorified version of what I could buy at a drugstore. They make me feel like a responsible adult, so I wear them. When I remember.

Trixie needs a special shampoo for her sensitive skin that requires it sit on her for 10 minutes of marinating. This is the longest 10 minutes of her life, maybe because it is 70 minutes in dog time? I sit in there with her, singing a modified version of Rubber Ducky – Snuggle Puppy, instead – while counting down the minutes. She looks at me with a face that is ready for one of those sad commercials with a Sarah McLaughlin soundtrack. Afterward,  she gets treats and a warm towel in front of the fire, but that doesn’t stop her from cycling through sadness, trying to escape, and accusing looks of betrayal during the world’s longest 10 minute bath.

One great success of the week was that I brought out the camera instead of my iPhone. Part of that may have been because I needed to bring it to a construction site for work and once it is out, the barrier to actually using it is removed. As always, baby steps toward goals!